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Welcome to the VirtualMuseum360

What is the VirtualMuseum360 project?


The Project encourages individuals and groups who wish to introduce their work to employ a virtual museum format. Many existing ‘virtual museums’ are in the form of databases or portals. These are good in providing information but they do not encourage engagement. Many museums have virtual tours of their real-world exhibitions. The exhibits, however, are often behind glass and do not allow enhancement.

The VirtualMuseum360 offers exhibitors a completely new and adaptable exhibition space to display archaeological finds, local historical artifacts, and ancient and contemporary art. It encourages the enhancement of exhibitions by using online museum collections and databases. A VirtualMuseum360 project offers the optimal use of internet resources to enhance the display and power of peoples’ ideas.

Set up your own VirtualMuseum360.


You want people to know about your work and your passions:

    • You have a community project that you want to anchor in the community
    • You have a school project that deserves wider attention
    • You have an archaeological project that wants to show off its finds
    • You want simply to share your art-work


  • You want to enrich the cultural experience of the online community.

Why not make your own museum. It would be open 24/7 and would never have any crowds. Visitors could stay as long and as often as they like. There is no travel time and no travel costs.

VirtualMuseum360 is here to help make this happen.

Our thanks to our sponsors