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About Us

About the VirtualMuseum360 Project

​The VirtualMuseum360 Team works with online museum designers. Together we have created a virtual museum – light, airy, modern. It can be modified to fit your requirements. It saves you the cost of designing and making your own from scratch.

The museum is easily accessible for the public. In its basic form, it requires no virtual reality headsets. It does not need you to become your own avatar. You do not even have to download any software. Your museum is just one mouse-click away. At an extra cost you museum could also be offered in a VR format.

We can advise:

  • On the framing of the exhibition
  • On the selection of the artifacts
  • On the language and style of the explanations

Basically, you rent the space in the virtual museum, with a small annual fee to maintain the site. Our services are on a cost-plus basis. Once the initial sunk costs have been recovered, all surplus income will be used to advance other cultural projects, including the ‘Silk Road Museum’ project.

Click Here to get in touch with Professor Griffiths if you are interested in setting up your own Virtual Museum. 


About the Director Professor Richard T. Griffiths

Professor Richard T Griffiths is the Director of the VirtualMuseum360 project and a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden. He is also directing the New Silk Roads project.